Art Therapy Professor based in New York, NY

As a clinical professional, Robert Irwin Wolf obtained postgraduate training in psychoanalysis from the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art and Design and Professional Studies in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute and holds New York State licenses in both Psychoanalysis and Creative Art Therapy. Over the last 35 years, as an art therapy professor in New York, NY, Robert has taught courses in psychology, psychoanalysis, fine art, art therapy, sculpting, photography, and phototherapy, in various educational settings ranging from graduate to postgraduate levels. He is currently a professor of studio art and art therapy professor at the graduate school of the College of New Rochelle as well as visiting professor at Pratt Institute. He is also on the faculty of several psychoanalytic training institutes. Wolf has authored numerous articles on art therapy, phototherapy (the therapeutic use of photography), and the application of various other creative processes within psychoanalytic treatment. His unique style of working embraces the client's natural creative ability for insight and use within the analytic process. This process is designed to unlock experiences from the past that interfere with and hold back one's personal and emotional development. His holistic approach embraces the client's whole sense of being; emphasizing non verbal communication and implicit memory as pathways to deeper understanding unconscious process and conflict. Utilizing this treatment format, while striving to reduce specific symptoms, clients also often experience a more general improvement in quality of life and achievement of the highest level of one's potential in both interpersonal and professional areas. 

For over 40 years, Robert has been in independent practice as a psychoanalyst, creative art therapist, expressive analyst, control analyst, and clinical supervisor. He currently maintains an office in midtown/west Manhattan. Clients are seen on a sliding scale basis.

As a professional artist, Robert studied fine art, photography, and sculpting at Pratt Institute and The Tyler School of Art at Temple University. His sculptural forms have been influenced by Brancusi, Arp, and Moore. They are composed of organic, linear, and gestural images that are translated into abstract form. These contemporary sculptures integrate elements of human form and movement, with the natural beauty of a variety of types of stone and wood. 

His most recent interest in digital photographic media has led to the production of unique portraits and urban and rural landscapes. These images, taken in various places around the world, are creatively edited with special digital software to enhance the visual experience for the viewer. In his portrait photography, he uses his skill in understanding non verbal communication to capture the 'essence of the moment'; when there is a unique, non verbal connection between the subject and the viewer. His  photographs and sculpture have been published and exhibited internationally throughout the United States, Costa Rica, Europe, and South Korea. 

Robert can be contacted at: 212-262-0746 or at