Back Online: An Adventure in the Destructive World of Hacking

After several months of hectic work to reestablish my Website and Blog, I have finally arrived at a new format, one which hopefully will not get hacked and destroyed like my first Website and Blog that had on it over three years of carefully written postings and photographs. My unpleasant experience was with, a hosting company originally called "" (I should have trusted my instinct when it became clear that they charged an annual fee, not monthly, and therefore embraced deception as their corporate branding mantra)! I strongly recommend avoiding this hosting company.

Well, they were hacked by who knows who and all of their data, since it was poorly backed up, was destroyed. At some other time I will discuss the world of destruction looming out in cyber space by those individuals who clearly spend their lives dreaming up scams and ways to destroy other peoples lives; sometimes for their personal gain, and other times for simply the sadistic gratification they experience from feeling powerful through the destruction of others. But today it's suffice to say that I am pleased to be back online, with a new Website and Blog that I now hope to be able to use in an unobstructed manner to post my thoughts as seen "through the eyes of a psychoanalyst" (and of course artist). As the current President of the Institute for Expressive Analysis, and being a fully licensed creative art therapist and psychoanalyst with over 35 years of teaching and private practice experience, as well as being an internationally known fine art photographer and sculptor, I feel well qualified to offer this unique view.

My goal is to offer to those interested in my unique perspective, a way to see, process and understand the psychological and psychoanalytic, i.e. the unconscious component of many current events and cultural trends. In an ever changing world it is somehow reassuring to have a fundamental structure upon which you may understand cultural trends and world politics and events from a deeper, more consistent and solid vantage point.

Professor Robert Irwin Wolf, New York City, August, 2014