Phototherapy Training for 37.5 Continuing Education Credits for Licensed Creative Art Therapists

The College of New Rochelle is pleased to offer it's unique 15 week graduate level course in Phototherapy Training, for LCATs to earn 37.5 CEs. This course will be held for 15  weeks on Thursdays, beginning January 24, 2019 from 4 - 6 PM on the New Rochelle campus, with 30 minutes additional online time. Therapeutic uses of photography have been of great interest to creative art therapists and as the instructor for this course, I have been a pioneer in developing this unique Phototherapy training program. This course will integrate contemporary concepts of neuroscience to demonstrate how the power of visual imagery, captured within the photographic image, provides a spontaneous and creative access to deeper levels of 'implicit' memories and experiences. In this course, students will first be taught necessary technical skills in a fully equipped Mac Lab, using the latest Adobe Photoshop software. Other photographic media such as cell phone cameras and editing software apps, will also be demonstrated. The students will then be led through a series of creative directives and shown, through online and classroom demonstrations, how to utilize the photographic medium to uncover and explore unconscious material. By first experiencing this creative process, students will then be able to integrate photographic modalities into their clinical work with their patients.

Our first offering of our Dream Seminar for currently practicing licensed creative art therapists seeking Continuing Education Credits during our Fall 2018 semester has been a great success and we intend to continue to offer relevant courses for active LCATs who are seeking CEs for license renewal. This is a wonderful way for LCATs to get all the required credits for the entire three year cycle for license renewal.